9. words and phrases you can use in an essay Writing essays.

Is not something that comes naturally to most students. Writing essays at an academic level can be a difficult skill to master. Many students discover they feel more confident writing essays after their undergraduate courses.

 If you are one of these people, you have come to the right place if you are looking for phrases and words to use in your essay. Here’s a list of key academic words you can use in your essays or networth stories of any one like Alpo Martinez net worth. While your thoughts and arguments should always be unique, borrowing the words and phrases below can help you communicate your ideas better and keep your readers’ attention from beginning to end vietbf-vietnamese best forum.

Words to use in your introduction.

Academic writing requires a certain level of formality, which we all know. Conversational and casual phrases are not appropriate. There are no LOLs or LMFAOs, and there are no OMGs. However, academic writing is often more complex and requires great skill, as we have already mentioned. Use the words in this list to inspire you to improve your essay writing skills red cedar message board.

Are often the most difficult part of academic writing. Once you have created your plan and outlined your arguments, it is time to start writing your essay. Your reader may not be familiar with your topic or arguments. Therefore, your first sentence should summarize them. Your essay should be written to explain the topic to five-year-old’s. Use any of these words or phrases to keep you on the right track.

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1. First, second, and third.

Although it may sound obvious, it will make your argument clear if you present the ideas in the correct order. These words will help you give structure and clarity to your ideas. This is a great way to present the facts. This system is not rigid, and you don’t have to list every point. However, it can be a great way to get an idea off the ground or link arguments together.

2. Considered the light of These phrases could be used to start your essay.

These phrases can help you frame your argument based on what other authors have written or general concerns about your research. Both can be used when new evidence is available. Here’s one example: The American invasion of Iraq has devastated American interests in the Middle East.

This has led to an exponential increase in hostility towards the United States, which has proven to be a strong recruitment tool for terrorist groups (Is khan 2015). In light of/because of the perceived threat to American interests, it could be argued that the Bush administration did not fully consider the consequences of their actions before launching the wars

 3. According to X, X stated that. Referring to X’s views.

Writing essays requires you to introduce the viewpoints of someone who is an expert in your field of study. It cannot be easy to find a quote that is natural for your work. However, these academic phrases are a great way to get in. Although it is fine to refer to a quote in an introduction, we do not recommend that you begin your essay with a direct quotation. To sum up, your views, use your own words. Einstein frequently reaffirmed that experiments could prove theories but don’t give rise to theories.

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Instead of: “A theory may be proven by experiment, but there is no way to go from experiment to the birth of a theory. Albert Einstein 1954, Einstein: A Biography You can see the difference. When paraphrasing or quoting words from another person, make sure you refer to them correctly. It is crucial to flow your essay well. Your essay’s flow is critical. You don’t want your reader to get lost in the rhythm and lose focus on your argument. No! No!

 4. These academic phrases.

Can be used to expand or add to an existing point without disrupting the flow. To begin a new paragraph, undefined These are just a few examples. Dissociation of tau protein (microtubules) causes it to be destabilized, resulting in changes in cell structure and neuronal transportation. Mitochondrial dysfunction can also lead to oxidative stress,

which causes higher levels of nitrous oxide, hydrogen peroxide, and lipid peroxidases. And: Based on the trial data, there are no recommendations for treatment. Although the patients were suspected of having pneumonia, it has not been confirmed. Five days is not enough time for clinical confirmation luyenchuong.

 5. To that end, these phrases are useful academic.

plan to reach your goals. These sentences will allow you to expand on points that will be clearer for the reader. For example, to understand their communication, my research involved hours of listening to and recording whale sounds.

Or Dutch tech companies offer support to fight the virus. A meeting was held online on Wednesday elm. These phrases are a good idea, but we don’t recommend using them too often. Although you may feel like an academic, it could indicate overwriting.

 6. Or, to put it another manner, it is to say it more simply.

These sentences can be used to complement complex ideas by providing simple descriptions. These sentences are great academic phrases that will improve the flow of your essay writing. These phrases should be used to clarify a point you have already made, but slightly differently. They should not be used to reiterate what you have already said but to clarify a point that requires further explanation.

To summarize what has been said before. For example, a null hypothesis states that there is no relationship between phenomena. Also, a null hypothesis means that there is no treatment effect. Or Nothing can exist in this world time. “No part of such a time has, compared to any other, a distinguishing situation of existence rather than non-existence www,luyenchuong,net.

7. Similar; similarly; another important fact to keep in mind and an equally important aspect Of.

These essay words can be used to add information supporting the argument or fact you have just stated. It is important to include other points of view in academic writing. This will allow you to place your research in a context. Also, phrases and academic words like the above are useful to avoid repeating the ‘also’ too often.

We did this intentionally to show our point! Repeated use of simple conjunctions will put off your reader. Your essay’s quality will improve dramatically if you use academic words and phrases such as undefined. Steve Norris, the then-transport minister, envisioned quadrupling cycling trips in 2012, and he did so in 1996.

David Cameron, the former prime minister, promised a “cycling revolution in 2013… Or The Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI), a project to increase access to electricity in the continent aims to close the access gap. It must also expand access to electricity at a cost-efficient rate to almost 1 billion people. The phrase “not only…but also” can highlight similarities in your arguments more compellingly.

Contrasting and comparable information in academic essays, you may include opposing opinions or information to support your point. You must include all aspects of your research. To show that you are knowledgeable in your field, include facts and research opinions that differ from your point. Here are some examples of alternative arguments.

8. However, it is possible to converse, or on the contrary, on both sides.

While it can be difficult to find a way to explain an alternative theory or perspective coherently. However, these phrases and terms can help you present the other side. Let’s take a look at some examples. 89% of those who live in joint families felt financially secure.

Only 64% of respondents who were part of nuclear families felt financially secure. And… While the first protagonist is a father figure to his children, the second protagonist relies upon the security and knowledge provided by Chaplin. Using undefined” on the other hand” can draw comparisons.

9. Contrast; in comparison; again; that said, yet.

These phrases are used to show contrast and compare facts and present uncertainty about a topic in your research. By highlighting the limitations and conditions of your research, undefined Take, for example, all tests came back positive.


After mastering the use of these academic words and phrases, we guarantee you will see an immediate change in the quality of your essays. The structure will be easier to follow, and the reader’s experience will improve. You’ll also feel more confident articulating your ideas and using facts and examples. So jot them all down, and watch your essays go from ‘good’ to ‘great’!

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