How to know if you have a Cavity | 8 Different Signs

How to know if you have a Cavity? Cavities are that type of tooth disease that happens to everyone, it can happen more times than you can count and sometimes the cavity is waiting to be filled in our mouth and we don’t even realize it.

Now we are going to talk about some of the signs of cavity-forming in the mouth.

Sensitivity to Heat and Cold

Felling cold when you drink something cold or feeling hot if you eat something hot is the most common sign that you have cavities.

Dentin is a layer of teeth that lies below the enamel, when it wears down and hot or cold things touch it stimulates nerves and cells and creates a feeling of discomfort.

This can make it hard for you to enjoy hold and cold food.


If you have Cavities, it means you have tooth decay and if it gets too bad, you can see it on your teeth.

Cavities can be seen as they appear in the form of dark or brown spots on your teeth and sometimes they can be of light colour.

If you see that in your mouth, you should get it checked out by your dentist.


Another sign of a cavity is a toothache it can be dull all the time or it can be occasional and maybe swerve and it is worst.

It can also come when you eat something that the cavities don’t like and the pain usually makes round around your mouth and the tooth the cavity is on is hurt when you bite something down on it.

Bad Breath and Weird taste

You have bacteria around the tooth that have cavities and they react with other things and that makes your breath bad which is a concern.

Sometimes you can feel a foul taste in your mouth without eating something and both the smell and taste are hard to hide.

Bleeding and Swollen Gums

The gum line is also cavities’ favourite area to attack and it can also show symptoms.

If your gums feel swollen or there are random bleeding from your gums, most of the time it can be cavities.

You need to get a regular or weekly check-up with the dentist to take care of the cavities.

Hole in the Tooth

A hole in the tooth is the next level after discolouration because it happens usually when the decay in the tooth get worse and eventually it breaks down and you can feel the hole or space in your tooth with your tongue.

If you notice that it is time to get it check-up with your dentist.


If you get occasionally pus near the teeth it means that the cavity is gone too far and it needs to be handled right away.

Pus can cause great pain and it is very important to get the cavities filled up.

Biting Pain

Pain can occur when you are eating food and biting down the tooth which has cavities in them and you will feel pain, the bigger the pain is if the cavities are more in the tooth.

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