Kodi-How to Restore Kodi Pictures, Videos, Music and More

What Is Kodi

Kodi (also known as XBMC), a free and open-source media player grogram, can be applied to multiple operating systems, like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and so on. It enables you to play and watch videos, podcasts, music, photos and many other digital files from both local and network storage media.

All file in Kodi are well organized and categorized by type: newly added, watched and unwatched. When you need to watch a file, you can go to the corresponding category to open it quickly.

Compared with Windows Media Player, Kodi is more powerful because it enables you to install add-ons and even play games on it. So, it has been a popular media player.

Now, you may have an idea about Kodi. If you need a media player, why not choose it to manage your media files and play them?

It Is Necessary to Clear Data on Kodi


When Kodi is used for a long time, some old and useless data would be generated on it. Then, you need to clear Kodi to improve its performance since too many useless files may cause Kodi chaotic and bring about some errors.

Uninstalling Kodi is not a sensible way. Instead, resetting Kodi is more effective to remove the old data and get rid of potential errors.

However, what if you delete some valuable files when clearing old data from Kodi? Maybe you are eager to know how to find them back. Fortunately, you have a great chance to recover data from Kodi on your own.

How to Recover Data from Kodi Successfully


In fact, you can add the files again to Kodi from the original storage directly after you clear data on Kodi by mistake. But if the files in original storage location are deleted, things may get troublesome. You need to turn to some professional data recovery software for help.

To accomplish deleted files recovery, you can try MiniTool Power Data Recovery, which is specially developed to recover deleted and lost files from the local hard drive and external storage drive (including memory card, SD card, USB drive and more).

General speaking, it is likely to recover the deleted files by using this software as long as they are not occupied by new data. Therefore, when you realize some important files are lost, stop using the storage media immediately to avoid files being overwritten and becoming unrecoverable.

Now, let’s have a look at how to use MiniTool to recover deleted files.

Step 1: Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery to get the main interface. Choose a recovery module according to the type of the storage media where the files were deleted from. Here we take This PC module as an example.

Step 2: Select the target storage drive to scan by clicking Scan.

Step 3: It will take some time to scan the whole drive, depending on the used volume of the drive. Just be patient to wait for the end.

Step 4: When the scanning process comes to an end, you can see all results categorized by path. Choose the corresponding category to open and browse files in it to find out what you need.

Here, some features can help you locate the needed files quicker.

Type: It will show the found files by type after clicking it.

Find: You can find the target file quickly if you still remember the name of it.

Show Lost Files: Software will just show you lost files on the drive once you click it.

Pay attention, if you find needed files with a trial version of this software, you need to upgrade it to a full version as long as the volume of files needing to be recovered exceeds 1GB.

Step 5: You need to choose a storage path to keep the recovered files.

After all these steps being finished, you can exit the program and go to the specified location to check the recovered files.

Bottom Line

Reading here, you may have a general understanding of what Kodi is and how to recover data from Kodi if you did mistaken operation when cleaning old Kodi data. The answers are very clear.

We hope you can make use of Kodi smoothly. Please remember to contact us whenever you have questions about Kodi or MiniTool software by leaving your comment.

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