How to Tame a wolf in Minecraft

How to tame a wolf in Minecraft? Wolves in Minecraft are very good companions if you want to go into a dangerous area because they will attack anything that hurts you.

So if you are looking for Wolves and wondering how to tame them, this article is for you.

Where to find a Wolf in Minecraft

Wolves are commonly found in packs of four and in different areas of Minecraft.

These areas are as follows

  • Forest
  • Wooded Hills
  • Taiga biome
  • Giant Tree Taiga
  • Snowy Taiga

How to tame a Wolf in minecraft

You need bones which are essential for taming a wolf because these are the only things wolves eat and in order to get the bones you need to kill skeletons that only spawns at night so you have to wait for them to spawn and they also spawn in the areas where there is a little bit of light.

Once you killed a skeleton, you will receive a minimum amount of two bones and sometimes you don’t get any bones, it is suitable to get an extra amount of bones because sometimes a wolf doesn’t eat bones at first.

Once you have the bones, get close to a wolf with the bones in hand and when you are close enough feed them the bones. Once the wolves finished eating the bones, heat will appear above the head of the wolf and red colour will appear around his head and which indicates the wolf has been tamed.

Get to know your Wolf

Once you tamed a wolf he will become your companion and will follow you wherever you go, if you tell him to stay as long as it is a safe area it will not go anywhere and if the wolf is following you, it will keep you safe from any mobs that you attack and he cannot safe you from creepers.

If the wolf is fighting, you can check his health by simply checking how high his tail is and if his health gets very low it will start to whines and make other noises, and you can heal your wolf by feeding him raw meat or rotten flesh.

For Reference: How to Tame a Wolf – Minecraft Wiki Guide – IGN

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