7 Must-Have Features of High-Quality Church Worship Software

Church worship software is any form of technological software tool that facilitates easier worship, and there are a whole lot of them these days. From the basic, feature-lacking programs to the most advanced with a sea of capabilities, you’ll never run out of options. But the more choices you have, the trickier it is to pick the right one for your case.

Thus, here are 7 features that your choice should have for a high-quality worship experience:

1. Scalability

Churches come in various sizes, and you don’t want to feel locked out of using a good software program because it feels like it’s only meant for a church of a certain size. ProPresenter is one of the best church worship software for any size service, thanks to a rich library of flexible features.

2. Cross-platform compatibility

Picking a church worship software solution that only supports a single platform means that you will have a difficult time, for example when you have visitors or are switching to hardware that uses a non-supported platform.

Ensure, for example, that your presentation tool can support both Windows and Mac with no major differences in operation so that you can have a unified worship experience.

3. Multiple display output

The more advanced presentation tools will have the capacity to support as many display outputs as you wish to connect. Additionally, such tools often come with the ability to present separate content on the connected displays, for a more customized experience.

ProPresenter gives you both of these capabilities, and the only limitation to how you can customize your content is the capability of the hardware that you are using for the presentation.

4. Media and video files support

Church display software isn’t only about words. You should be able to add audio and video content to your presentation to enhance its impact and engagement levels.

High-quality presentation tools for church worship support a wide range of media files while offering additional features such as independent text progress for an even more unique presentation experience.

5. Advanced video control

Some churches use video content a lot more than common. If you’re one of these churches, you need to be able to control your video outputs better without having to rely on other software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Editor.

Some of the main controls that you should be able to achieve include but aren’t limited to:

  • Cropping and scaling videos
  • Applying video effects
  • Importing and playing videos with ease
  • Adjusting individual properties like color, volume, and brightness
  • Setting in and out points
  • And more

6. Livestreaming

As a larger portion of the congregants becomes increasingly interested in attending church services remotely, presentation software programs that offer live streaming capabilities without involving third-party solutions would be a great pick.

You should be able to control everything about the livestream from the tool so that you can concentrate more on delivering a fantastic presentation experience.

7. Great support

Even the most intuitive presentation software tools for church worship often fail, or you can encounter a feature that is notoriously difficult to figure out. Such times require that you have reliable technical support nearby so that you won’t waste a lot of time trying to solve your problems by yourself.

ProPresenter offers these and more

The above are the main features that a powerful church worship software should pack, and ProPresenter has these and then some.

So if you are looking for a perfect solution to enhance your church services, try ProPresenter and enjoy the difference that brings.

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