Which one of the programs is a popular SSH tool for Linux?

Due to the recent popularity of Linux VPS, many users have been encouraged to use Linux VPS. In particular, some companies that provide server services, by providing payment methods through cryptocurrency, make it possible to buy Linux VPS with Bitcoin. This feature of hosting companies has made it easier for users to use and buy VPS with any desired operating system. Remote access to VPS resources and the ability to remotely manage and debug the VPS is important for users who use the virtual server for different purposes. Since the SSH protocol is the most secure method of remote connection to devices such as servers or network equipment, Linux VPS users use the SSH protocol for secure and encrypted remote connection.

There are many reasons to use this protocol, such as web hosting configuration, remote desktop optimization, server setup, and more. SSH helps to transfer data over a secure internet connection by encrypting the incoming and outgoing traffic. In addition, SSH Client and Connections Manager is a software that uses the SSH protocol to connect to the Linux server and provides remote access to the Linux VPS terminal and execution of commands for management and debugging. In addition, by using SSH software, users can perform important tasks such as executing scripts, deploying, and managing many programs in a more practical way.

Now that you understand the importance of SSH software for Linux, you should look for the best SSH tool for Linux VPS to meet your needs.

Introducing the best SSH software

In order to be able to choose the best SSH software for Linux to fulfill your goals, familiarize yourself with the list we provide and pick the ideal SSH software to connect to your Linux VPS according to your needs. It should be noted that some of these SSH software are free, and some are paid, so your choice should be based on your needs and conditions.

1. Putty

If you are looking for a free and open-source SSH program, Putty is the most popular SSH program for Linux. The putty program used to connect to Windows VPS in the past, but now it is also compatible with Linux as well. Putty is an open-source console, network file transfer tool, and terminal emulator, that supports multiple network protocols such as SSH, SCP, rlogin, and Telnet. Putty is a reliable, simple, and efficient tool for remote connection to Linux VPS.

Features of Putty

• Safe and reliable

• Storage of connection information and proxy settings

• Support SFTP and SCP protocols for data transfer and command line file

•  user-friendly interface

• Support for SSH, telnet, SFTP, Rlogin, and Serial connection protocols

• SSO support via GSSAPI

• Port forwarding (remote, local, and dynamic) via SSH

• IPv6 support

• Support for various Remote Desktop Terminals

2. Remmina

Remmina, like Putty, is a reliable open-source client for connecting to a remote Linux VPS. With the support of a wide range of network protocols such as SSH, RDP, VNC, XDMCP, EXEC, NX, X2GO, and SPICE, Remmina effectively meets the needs of users in connecting to a remote server and has a particular focus on connection quality.

Features of Remmina

• Integrated and compatible user interface

• Free RDP usage

• Ability to adjust the bandwidth

·         Change fullscreen mode

• Toggle Scaled Mode

3. Solar-PuTTY

Solar-PuTTY is an optimized old-style PuTTY that makes connecting to a Linux server easy and allows remote management and control of multiple client sessions through its browser-based interface (tabbed interface). Solar-PuTTY supports efficient network protocols such as SCP, SSH, FTP, Telnet, and SFTP.

The features of Solar-Putty are commendable; one of its valuable features is the applications and server performance management. So you can undoubtedly use Solar-PuTTY as the best SSH client to connect to your server.

Features of Solar-PuTTY

• Automatic connection in case of disconnection

• Free

• Support for login scripts

• Lightweight and portable software

• User-friendly and simple interface

• Saving credentials and private keys per session and saving scripts when setting up a connection

• Transfer graphic SFTP files

• Support for server and application performance control templates

4. OpenSSH

OpenSSH is one of the oldest SSH clients that has been on the market for two decades, proving itself in terms of reliability. The excellent security of Open SSH can be introduced as one of its outstanding features. In addition to encrypting the remote connection to the server, the Open SSH client makes it impossible for anonymous people to track your activity and data.

Additionally, it offers a variety of authentication methods and secure tunneling capabilities that you can use to secure your connection. The protocols supported by Open SSH are SSH, SCP, and STFP.

Features of OpenSSH

• Having authentication and providing one-time passwords

• Open source and free

• Ability to forward TCP/IP communication protocols to remote devices in encrypted tunnels

• Ability to disable all types of passwords, old protocols, and all types of keys

• Support for server and SFTP client

• Based on BSD-style licensing

• Compatible with Windows VPS and Windows client

5. Secure CRT

Secure CRT is an excellent SSH client and terminal emulator for computing professionals that offers many security features. This software is very reliable, and you can use it to access remote servers and transfer files securely. In Secure CRT, you can easily organize your sessions by assigning colors, fonts, and other unique markers. Also, by using its advanced features, you optimize and speed up your performance in managing your server.

Features of Secure CRT

• Edit multiple sessions

• Support for SSH1, Telnet, serial, and Rlogin protocols

• Task automation feature

• Support for I script, VBScript, Python, and Periscript programming languages

• Tabbed and tiled sessions

6. MobaXterm

MobaXterm is an excellent computing tool for remote activities. With its unique features, MobaXterm is the best SSH software for web administrators, programmers, and IT managers, and it supports SSH, RDP, VNC, FTP, and MOSH protocols.

Features of MobaXterm

• Remote access and management

• Ability to install and update remotely

• Multiple Monitor Access

• Ability to transfer files remotely


The content we provided introduced you to a list of the best SSH clients for Linux along with their features so that you can make the right choice in using SSH software. Most SSH softwares are free and useful and have a user-friendly and simple graphical interface that makes using these software simple for users. Finally, the best SSH software is defined based on your needs and preferences. If you need further guidance, refer to the link: 

and get complete information about SSH Clients for Linux.

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