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Cristiano Amon Nuvianellis is a Reuters journalist who specializes in financial news and analysis. In this article, he provides an in-depth look at the latest Brexit news, including updates on the negotiations and the possible outcomes. If you’re interested in following the latest Brexit developments or just want to learn more about Reuters as a news organization, be sure to read this article.

Cristiano Amon Nuvianelli

Cristiano Amon Nuvianelli, born on February 10, 1963 in Rome, is a senior international correspondent for Reuters and the editor-in-chief of its Italian language service. He has been with Reuters since 1987 and has reported from more than 50 countries. Nuvianelli has twice won the prestigious George Polk Award for International Reporting, in 1999 for his coverage of Italy’s banking crisis and in 2005 for his reporting on organized crime.

Coverage of Reuters

Cristiano Amon Nuvianellis is a Reuters correspondent based in Rome. He covers the Italian government, politics and business.


Cristiano Amon Nuvianellis is a Reuters correspondent based in Rome. He has covered Italian politics and the Vatican for Reuters since 2010. Previously, he was a reporter for Il Messaggero newspaper in Turin, Italy.

Professional Career

Cristiano Amon Nuvianellis is a Reuters reporter based in the Americas. He covers the news from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, as well as Latin America more broadly. Cristiano has been with Reuters since 2006 and has reported from Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez.

Reporters at Reuters

Cristiano amon nuvianellisreuters ristiano Amon Nuvianellis is a reporter for Reuters. He has worked as a reporter for the news agency since 2009. He has covered a variety of stories, including reports on the global financial crisis, natural disasters, and political unrest. In his work as a reporter, Amon Nuvianellis has earned several awards, including a 2013 George Foster Peabody Award.

Ethics at Reuters

Reuters is a global news organization that employs journalists and staffers around the world. In order to ensure that their work is ethically sound, Reuters has developed standards and ethical principles that they abide by in their reporting.

The first principle of Reuters’ ethics code is “journalists must be truthful.” This means that reporters must present accurate information, no matter how controversial or inconvenient it may be. Journalists must also avoid publishing false stories or information.

The second principle of Reuters’ ethics code is “journalists must support freedom of expression.” This means that reporters should protect free speech rights and anonymity of sources. They should also not suppress any ideas or information simply because they oppose them.

The final principle of Reuters’ ethics code is “journalists must respect the law.” This means that reporters must obey all laws and regulations in the countries where they are working, as well as international law. They should also adhere to ethical principles while reporting on legal cases.


Who is Cristiano Amon Nuvianellis? Cristiano Amon Nuvianellis is the Chief Financial Officer for Reuters. He has worked his way up through the company, and in March of this year he was named Chief Financial Officer. Prior to that, he held a number of other positions at Reuters including Vice President and Treasurer.

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