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Office Outfit Ideas: Women’s Guide to Dressing for Work

Since you want to look good even in the office, you are looking for pieces of garments that you can wear for work. Being at work should not prevent you from looking good. Your designer ballet flats should not be placed in the closet just because you are starting to go to the office. You can still be fashionable and show your brand of style day in and day out by choosing elegant outfits for work. Here are some wardrobe recommendations that you can consider.

Style Guide for Women When Going to the Office

Wearing flats and loafers

Because you are going to move around the office and even outside for work, you should definitely choose comfortable shoes to wear. Wearing designer ballet flats is a great option because these types of shoes are very soft to the feet and you can easily maneuver yourself when you shift from one side of the office to the other.

Loafers, just like flats, look great on almost any outfit that you use for work. Loafers come in white, black, or brown colors. You should have one or two in your wardrobe to ensure that you have a pair of shoes that you can wear for work.


Another must-have outfit that you should wear in the office is a pair of trousers. There is something in trousers that just speaks business every time women wear them. Trousers are very comfortable to wear because they are soft, loose, and cover you from the waist down.

You can wear your trousers with a blouse and suit and you are good to go. You just have to pick the right color combination for your work outfit. The safest and easiest colors for trousers are khaki, black, brown, and white. You can partner these colors with your outfits of the same color. You can also use contrasts to highlight each of your chosen garments.

Blouse and shirts

Blouses and dresses are staples when it comes to having work clothes. They are great both for function and for fashion. If you are aiming for a more corporate look, you should go for plain white shirts or those with line patterns. If your office allows casual wear, you should wear blouses and even shirts with designs.

For the shirts, you can get full-button shirts, relaxed shirts, cotton-poplin shirts, and convertible button-down shirts. You need to have one or more so that you can easily mix and match your shirts with trousers or shirts for variety.


Business wear will not be complete unless you have skirts in your wardrobe. The trend nowadays is midi-skirt. This type of skirt can be made of denim, wool, wool blend, or even knitted fabric. Skirts can be worn with shirts or blouses.


Wear a power suit once in a while to change it up once in a while. You can wear oversized blazers for style. These are classic business wear that gives a lot of room in your movement and looks modern and fashionable at the same time.


It is great how many offices nowadays allow different styles of outfits in the workplace. You can freely express yourself even when you go to work. Being in the office is still a great opportunity for you to show an extension of your personality through fashion. Your designer ballet flats are great footwear to partner with blazers and soft-fabric pants. Soft white blouses look nice with long skirts and suits. You can experiment with your wardrobe and find the outfit that shows who you are.

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