The Best and Comprehensive Guide on How to Turn Off Volume Limit On iPhone

Using headphones brings a lot of ease and convenience to your life. Though these wearables are good for listening to podcasts, music, and making calls, they impact your hearing. People must keep these headphone usage safe to get rid of unfavorable circumstances. For example, SoundCore has this volume safety feature built-in in its devices. Turning off the volume limit on iPhone is important to get rid of both short-term and long-term hearing issues.

The right way how to turn off volume limit on iphone will be discussed in this article. In this particular article, you will come to know about volume adjustability to safe levels in iPhones. You will read about the easiest way to turn off the volume limit on iPhone. Let’s start reading about this easiest guide. 

How you can turn off the volume limit on iPhone easily?

Turning off the volume limit on iPhone is all about reducing the volume to an extent that is not considered harmful to your ears. Bringing your headphone and device volume to this extent will bring several benefits to your life such as improving your health. 

Turning off the volume limit on iPhone is not as difficult as you think. Iphones have a volume safety feature that is made only for reducing the volume to safe levels and bringing it to the safe limit. 

Here we are going to share a quick recipe and guide with you that is all about turning off the volume limit on your iPhone. Read more about this quick guide. 

  • The very first thing to do is to make sure that your device has this feature of volume safety. Or else you won’t be getting a chance to turn off the volume limit on your iPhone. 
  • After that, you will start by opening up the main Settings of your iPhone device. As soon as you open this Setting, you will find the Music option there. 
  • Now you will tap on Music and let it function as is required for this ultimate cause. 
  • Then you will move to the other step which is all about disabling the safety feature of your Headphone volume
  • You will find the Sound Check option and turn it off.
  • Turning off Sound Check will help you disable your headphone safety feature
  • Now you can automatically turn off the volume limit on iPhone
  • You can also use the Control center for this purpose. This Control center will help you control the volume and can limit it to any level that would be safe for the proper functioning of your device. 
  • That’s how you can turn off the volume limit on iPhone easily if you follow all these simple steps that we have shared above.

Wrapping Up:

This whole read on how to turn off the volume limit on iPhone is enough to make you believe that volume safety features are available in most useful devices such as in SoundCore headphones. You can also get rid of all kinds of hearing damage from this headphone safety feature on your iPhone. 

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