Wilson Custom Gloves: An Insider’s Take

Wilson Gloves is one of the leading glove brands in the world, and for good reason. Their gloves are comfortable, yet durable enough to handle most any task you can think of. But how do they do it? And more importantly, how can you replicate their success if you’re in the gloves business yourself? To answer these questions and more, we spoke with Wilson Gloves’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing, John Wilson. In this interview, he shares his insights on the company’s history, products, and marketing strategies. He also provides tips on how to build a successful glove brand of your own. So if you’re interested in learning more about Wilson Gloves or any other aspects of the glove industry, be sure to read on!

History of Wilson Custom Gloves

Wilson Gloves was founded in the early 1900s by James M. Wilson, originally as a glove repair shop. The company soon began to produce gloves of its own, and grew rapidly into one of the leading glove manufacturers in the United States. Wilson continues to produce a wide range of gloves, both custom and mass-produced, and has even ventured into other apparel products, such as socks and underwear.

Wilson Custom Gloves is known for its high quality standards, which it maintains through rigorous testing procedures. The company also makes use of some of the latest technologies available to improve the production process and ensure optimum quality control. In addition to gloves, Wilson produces a wide range of apparel items, including socks and underwear.

The Manufacturing Process

Wilson Gloves is a Connecticut-based glove manufacturer that has been producing gloves since 1873. The company produces both sport and dress gloves, as well as motorcycle and snowmobile gloves. Wilsons’ manufacturing process is based on traditional hand-crafting techniques with an emphasis on quality control. The company’s gloves are made from top-quality materials, including sheepskin, wool, and cotton. Each step of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored to ensure that the finished product meets the high standards set by Wilson Gloves.

Types of Wilson Custom Gloves

Wilson Gloves are one of the most popular brands of gloves on the market. Owned and operated by Wilson Sporting Goods, this company has been manufacturing gloves since 1873. In that time, they have crafted gloves for a wide variety of sports and activities. Today, Wilson Gloves offer a variety of glove styles and colors to choose from.

Regardless of your sport or activity, you’re sure to find a style or color of Wilson Gloves that fits your needs. Whether you’re looking for traditional boxing gloves or ski gloves made for downhill skiing, Wilson Custom Gloves have you covered.

One thing to note about Wilson Gloves is their sizing. While many other glove brands offer standard sizes, Wilson sometimes offers smaller or larger options depending on the type of glove being made. So be sure to get your hands measured before making a purchase!

In addition to their amazing selection of glove styles and colors, Wilson Gloves also offers some great features that set them apart from other brands. For example, their Double Density padding provides extra protection in the event of an accident while the Breathable Mesh lining helps keep you cool during hot weather activities.

Quality Control Procedures for Wilson Custom Gloves

Quality control is a critical part of the manufacturing process for Wilson Gloves. The gloves are made to precise specifications, and any deviation from those specifications can lead to an inferior product.

The quality control process begins with the design of the glove. Wilson ensures that all of its gloves are designed to meet specific needs, such as protection against blows and cuts. The gloves are then tested in a variety of conditions to ensure their overall performance.

After the gloves have been designed and tested, they go through a series of inspection processes. First, they are inspected for defects in the construction of the glove. This includes checking for tears in the fabric, loose threads, and holes in the glove’s seams. Then, they are checked for accuracy in measurements. Finally, they are examined for fit and symmetry.

If any of these inspections reveal a defect or error, it is fixed before the gloves are sent to production. In addition to quality control measures during manufacturing, Wilson also takes steps to ensure that its gloves retain their quality after they leave the factory. For example, it tests each batch of gloves for durability before shipping them out to customers.

The Future of Wilson Custom Gloves

Wilson Gloves is a company that has been in the glove business for over 130 years. They are famous for their high-quality gloves and have a wide variety of gloves to choose from.

The future of Wilson Gloves is looking very bright. They continue to innovate and improve their products, which has led to them becoming one of the leading glove companies in the world. Their gloves are seen as some of the best on the market, and they continue to raise the bar in terms of quality and design.

One example of how Wilson Gloves continues to innovate is with their E-Touch technology. This allows users to interact with their devices more easily and securely than ever before. This is a significant innovation, as it helps make life easier for people who use devices like smartphones and tablets often.

Another area where Wilson Gloves is continuing to innovate is with their sustainability efforts. They are constantly working to find ways to be more environmentally friendly, not only with their products but also with their manufacturing processes. This makes them a leader in terms of sustainability within the glove industry.


If you’re in the market for custom gloves, you’ve come to the right place. Wilson Gloves is a company that takes pride in making high-quality gloves that are perfect for any occasion. We have a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, so there’s sure to be a pair of gloves that fits your personality and style perfectly. Plus, our team is always available to help you with any questions or concerns you might have about our products. Give us a try today and see how we can make your hands look and feel their best!

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