What is Retargeting and why is it important for Digital Marketing?

Retargeting is one of the tactics that helps boost your digital marketing strategies, especially with regard to the last stage of the conversion funnel.

We know that closing sales or achieving conversions of all kinds is one of the most difficult goals for any brand to achieve. However, retargeting has become the secret weapon of many businesses when it comes to getting the definitive yes from customers.

Learning what is retargeting.

Also known as remarketing thanks to the Google advertising platform, retargeting is a strategy that seeks to impact the same target several times or, in other words, seeks to constantly expose your brand to a user who has already shown real interest in it.

Surely you have ever entered an e-commerce and started to fill the shopping cart, but unexpectedly at the last moment you decided not to buy for some reason, which led you to empty the cart or leave it abandoned.

Until now, everything has been a normal process, however, that same day you go to your Facebook profile and oh, surprise! There is an ad that shows exactly the product that you did not decide to buy in the store.

But how does retargeting do that?

In reality, everything is due to the cookies used by websites, which download a data package that is used to track users who have already interacted with the brand.

In this way, if a person has shown interest in a particular page but has left without buying anything and your website has digital retargeting or remarketing advertising, it is very likely that when entering another platform, they will stumble upon your advertisement.

How effective is the retargeting tactic?

In practice, retargeting has shown to have a very high degree of effectiveness, but only when the two elements from which these strategies draw are well configured.

  • Cookies: If your web page does not have the tracking JavaScript code, you will never be able to do retargeting because you need that data package so that the advertising platforms identify the user and show them the advertising.
  • Retargeting lists: They are a specific type of lead that meets certain characteristics that identifies them as qualified to close sales. For this reason, retargeting advertising is sent to them with the objective that they finish making their decision.

Main benefits of remarketing.

The most important advantages of retargeting are the following:

1. – A high return on investment (ROI):

Being a strategy focused on a small group that has already shown interest in your products and/or services, the ROI that retargeting usually provides is almost 300% of the money invested. That is, there is no loss.

2. – Brand positioning:

Not all remarketing is focused on sales, it also supports conversions throughout the customer journey. To achieve this goal, advertising focuses more on positioning the values ​​of the brand than on the products.

In reality, this perspective of retargeting is more oriented towards branded content and the objectives of the Digital PR department.

3. – Improve segmentation.

The effectiveness of online advertising depends to a large extent on the way in which the target audience is segmented, but with remarketing it is the audience that segments itself by revealing its interests.

Explained more clearly, when the user enters your page and investigates a particular product, they are already demonstrating their need or at least what interests them.

And when they leave without taking any action, retargeting keeps your brand current in their eyes. Which in many cases helps you to finish convincing them to buy or become a lead of the brand.

Where can you do remarketing?

There are several ways or channels where it is possible to carry out retargeting campaigns, everything will depend on the objectives of your business and the budget that has been assigned to you or has been set aside for this purpose.

However, in this section we will talk to you from our experience so that you can choose the best alternative if you are just starting out on the subject.

Retargeting on social networks:

Within your social media plan, you should consider advertising campaigns, especially if your company is just starting. Of course, ask your community manager to help you detect which is the most appropriate social network or networks to make this type of investment.

Remarketing end display:

Display advertising includes those banners or advertisements that usually appear on the web pages or blogs that we visit. This is the ideal channel for new product launches, expiring sales, or drop shipping-focused businesses.

Email marketing:

Retargeting through email marketing is only possible when you have a customer database. This is the ideal path for already consolidated companies that want to offer quality opportunities, both to new clients and to already loyal consumers.

Summary of the post and frequently asked questions about retargeting:

What is retargeting?

Retargeting or remarketing is a digital marketing technique that seeks to impact users who have already had contact with your brand, but who have not yet decided to become leads or customers of it, through advertisements.

What are the main elements of retargeting?

In order to carry out an effective retargeting strategy, you must have three things:

  1. Cookies: On your website there must be tracking cookies that are downloaded to the user’s browser to easily identify them as someone who has visited your website.
  2. Remarketing list: There must also be a list of users classified as suitable for retargeting, who have not necessarily just visited your page but it is worth sending them a particular offer.
  3. Promotion channel: This is where display advertising, advertising on social networks and, of course, email marketing.

How effective is remarketing?

We will put it this way, the ROI of remarketing is around 300%. That is, 3 times the total investment that you have allocated.


It can be said that retargeting is one of the most effective strategies to convince a customer to take the last step in the sales funnel. Although, it also serves as support to generate other types of conversions.

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